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Under Canada’s assault and battery laws, any unwanted or nonconsensual physical contact could be classified as assault.

Assault convictions can carry stiff penalties ranging from court-ordered treatment programs, extensive fines, periods of probation, to jail terms. It is critical that you let the team from Wardell Gillis prepare your case for trial. A criminal record due to a violent crime, weapons charge or any other criminal offense, will follow you wherever you go.

When defending against assault charges, a lawyer may be able to invoke self-defence—depending on the circumstances of the situation, Canadian law allows for some accommodation. While claiming self-defence can be a very complex and overwhelming task, it has been successfully applied to cases ranging from aggravated assault to murder.

We know how to argue your case to have your sentence reduced—or even to have the charges against you dropped.

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If you are in the Saskatoon area and you, or someone you know, have been charged with assault, you must act immediately to secure proper counsel—not only to defend your rights, but also to protect your future. You need qualified legal assistance to represent your interests—you need Wardell Gillis.